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“10 Things I Hate About You…”

10 Things I hate about you is a really catchy movie title. It was also a great movie, it turns out it’s a romantic comedy and instead of hating, it turns out to be about love. When you are on the hunt to buy a new home it can feel just like that. It’s a love-hate relationship. It’s a whirlwind first date or honeymoon period. So much can happen so quickly that you may be left wondering what happened. Just like a good relationship can take time to develop so can falling in love with the right house to buy. Here are some, not ten, steps that can make the courtship process a little easier on your heart.

Pros and Cons

Writing a Pros and Cons list may be one of the simplest ways to narrow down criteria. Start with writing down what you love about your current home. Continue with what you would love to have in your new home. Next comes the cons list. What are you looking to change about where you live. The cons list also grows into items that need to be negotiated. Chances are you won’t be able to tick off everyone on your wants lists. This way you already have a sense of where to negotiate in your head.

Don’t Fall for Looks

Alright, curb appeal is a big deal and can help draw you in. If you fall in love with the outside, make sure you are pre-approved so you can look inside. If the home, on paper, starts to tick off your list of wants, it’s time for courtship. Try and see the house as many times as you can. Just like going on the first couple of dates, you are going to want to try on different situations. Daytime vs evening, wet weather vs sunny. If you can try and really get to know the surrounding area. Take some walks, drive around. Get a feel for what a long term relationship might be like.

Put a Ring on It!

If you find a place that makes your heart flutter, agrees with your long term financials, is a looker, then make an offer! Try and put a ring on it as fast as you can so that it can be yours. This process will go more smoothly when working with a C3 agent and having your paperwork all lined up. Even if you are still waning between a few properties, being as prepared as you can always make transitions easier. Treat buying a house like a romance and hopefully, it will produce a lasting relationship.