Ways To Wake Up About Water

Ways To Wake Up About Water

Water, Water, Everywhere??

Well, not exactly. While we certainly have had our share of flooding across the world, there are still droughts all over the place. In the US alone, about half of the states are facing some level of drought this year.

Some areas already have in place, restrictions on when (or if!) you can water your lawn, wash your car, etc. But the real eye-openers will be when we are told when we can flush our toilets or take longer showers.

The good news is, as homeowners, we have lots of control over the water that comes into (and goes out of) our homes.

Landscaping is one of the largest wastes of water around the home. If you have an automatic irrigation system, be sure you are using it to minimize the wasted water. If we get rain, shut it off. You can even do a little research to see how much water your lawn really needs and utilize the system accordingly.

The same goes for the garden. This is a great place for a rain-water reclamation project. Design your garden to use the most of water that falls from the sky. Then work your way inside and explore the home for places you can conserve more water. Leaking toilets and faucets are the most obvious culprits. Even simple steps such as shutting off the water while you brush your teeth can save gallons every day!

Take a few small steps to conserve water in and around your home. We will all be better off if we each do our part.

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