‘Tis the Season to…. Sell?!

fort collins home for sale

It turns out the holiday season, and yes even the factoring in the cold weather, is a good time to sell your Fort Collins CO home. While most folks may think of this busy, cold time of the year as a terrible selling season, there are many factors that might just change your mind.

We all know it is not much fun to slop around through lousy weather and fight through snowbanks just to see a house for sale. The fact is, those negatives are exactly what make this time valuable. Since “most” people would not be motivated to head out to see listings, the seller can safely assume that these buyers are going to be more serious. Let’s be honest, anybody would be willing to “kick some tires” in the warm summer months. It takes a motivated buyer to leave the comfort of their home and battle the elements to view a listing.

Common thinking also dictates that sellers should hold off until spring to list their home for sale. This just continues to play into the seller’s hand since those looking for a home to buy will have less inventory from which to pick.

Last, but not least, this is a fantastic time to stage your home for sale. What better time than the holidays to take full advantage of the staging process and make your home look like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Of course you need to be careful not to go overboard in this department, but making your home look like the family is coming for Christmas will certainly invite the buyers to feel more welcome.

Take advantage of this season and see if you can optimize the chances for selling your home. If it is priced right and “shows” very well, you can make the process worth your while and a win for both you and the buyers.

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