Things to Consider Before You Get a House with a Pool

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It seems like the stuff of dreams (especially now, with winter approaching!): owning a house with your very own pool! You can already imagine lazy summers floating in the middle of a mini oasis of blue. You can already smell the chlorine and hear the laughter of your children as they splash through crystal waters.

Purchasing a Fort Collins CO home with a pool is perfect. Or is it? Owning a pool is big responsibility, sometimes, a bigger than many homeowners realize. A home with a pool is not right for everyone. Just in case this might be you, here’s a list of five things to consider BEFORE you commit to buying a home with a pool.

#1: The Winterizing Process
There’s a semi-magical ritual you have to go through with a pool every year. Per the name “winterizing,” you essentially have to prepare your pool for its offseason. You have to commit to removing debris, balancing the water chemistry, setting up a pool heater, and investing in a new filter. In addition to preparation, harsh winters can also wreak havoc on the infrastructure of your pool. Many pool owners in the North have to be cautious of cracks in the concrete which can require hundreds of dollars worth of repair.

#2: Pool Maintenance
The average cost of pool maintenance- including cleaning supplies, filters, and other accessories- can easily range at over $350 dollars if you decide to maintain it yourself. Costs can easily increase with labor if you decide to hire a pool cleaning company. Pool maintenance is often the most overlooked part of pool ownership, and homeowners who neglect it can find themselves facing various pool algae and other swimmer-unfriendly organisms.

#3: The Type of Pool
If you are already mentally and financially prepared to maintain a swimming pool at home (thank goodness!), you then need to consider its practical usage. Just because you see the word “pool” in the real estate listing doesn’t mean that you should place a bid. What kind of pool is it? Pools come in all shapes and sizes, and what worked for the previous owners might not work for you and your family. The existing pool in the house in question might be a small kidney-shaped pool, but you might have a six-person family. In contrast, you might have a pool that’s too large for a two-person household to care for. Visit the house and look at the pool for yourself to determine if it will fit your family’s lifestyle.

#4: Safety
If you have small children, consider the safety issues with pool ownership. Does the pool have safety devices in place to protect your children? Can everyone in the family swim? Do you have to invest in pool safety devices?

#5: The Rest of the House
Don’t let the presence of a pool make you neglect assessing the rest of the property! While it may be exciting to anticipate years of fun summers, don’t forget to evaluate the rest of the house. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure the house is as much a fit for your family as the pool is.

Don’t let these tips scare you! Having a pool is a rewarding home experience, and keeping it well maintained increases the value of the home itself. If you’re ready to find a property that can upgrade your summers to another shade of awesome, contact us today.