Summertime And The Swimming’s Easy (With Safety In Mind!)

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Great weather and warmer temps mean more activities in the backyard for the entire family. That said, we need to be aware of the risks our yard and pool areas of our Fort Collins CO homes pose to young children left unattended.

I know, you and I would never leave our kids unattended long enough to get in the pool alone! BUT, you have to admit they do have amazing ninja-like skills when it comes to wandering off with surprising ease. While the implications of an unattended child accessing a pool are glaringly obvious and scary, a few common sense approaches and even the purchase of a few inexpensive pool safety devices can help us avoid an accident.

Here are a few easy steps that can help prevent a pool disaster:

Home Safety Begins IN The Home
The first and most blatant safety strategy is the conversation we should have at the start of swimming season about the rules we all follow when it comes pool time and pool safety. Keep it simple: Pools are fun! Swimming is fun! But there will be no swimming or playing in the pool area without an adult. Beyond that, an easy way to keep a child from getting outside on their own is to install a simple and cheap door alarm on any door that gains access to the pool. Consider one that can be deactivated when necessary for more convenience.

Pool Barriers Really Do Make a Difference
A pool barrier that is properly installed and up to code is a very effective deterrent of children just wandering into a pool. Homeowners can choose a complete or partial enclosure. A partially enclosed pool provides less protection due to the open segment. A completely enclosed barrier that is tall enough, without large gaps and any potential footholds that a child could use to climb is your best bet.

Technology Saves Lives
Pool technology isn’t just pool lighting, flotation devices and cleaning products anymore. High-tech safety devices such as water disturbance sensors will sound an alarm if a disturbance is detected or a wristband that your child wears and alerts you should it become emerged in water. Another excellent choice is an automatic pool safety cover that is now required to hold the weight of a child plus two adults.

Let’s keep it safe and happy for kids and our pets! Enjoy our beautiful summer here in the Colorado!