Summer Days: 5 Tips to Help You Organize a Neighborhood Garage Sale

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Now that summer has officially started, many of us are already feeling the heat. With summer comes more time outside playing, grilling, and seeing more of our neighbors. You may also find yourself with the urge to purge your Fort Collins home of unnecessary items that has accumulated over the winter months. Holding a garage sale may be the solution you need, but while you are organizing your own, why not get the neighbors on board too?

The website Statistic Brain notes that in a given week in the U.S., there are over 160,000 garage sales, representing $4.2 million a week in sales. That’s a lot of change!

Organizing a neighborhood garage sale has many benefits, including:

  • It allows you a chance to connect with your neighbors.
  • It can create a draw for more buyers.
  • Everyone has the opportunity to clean up and declutter.

Organizing a Garage Sale in Your Neighborhood

1. Choose a date: Type up a simple note and take it door-to-door, asking neighbors to gather for a short time in a predetermined spot so the date and times can be chosen. The other option is to just choose a date and time and include it on flyer you take around.

2. Set a deadline: Note on the flyer when your neighbors need to let you know they will be participating. That way, you can have a family count to include in the ad (the more families you list, the more buyers you may draw).

3. Advertise: Find out how much it costs to advertise a sale in your local paper, and split the price among the interested households. Or just go with free advertising-community bulletin boards, social media pages, and Craigslist are great options for getting the word out.

4. Organize: Clean out your closets, storage spaces, and garages to get items ready for the sale. Invite others along, too, such as friends and family who live in apartment complexes, college students, and co-workers. Get all items organized and priced the night before.

5. Communicate: On the day of the sale, take an occasional walk around to check up on how everyone is doing. This is a great way to connect with neighbors you may not have met previously.

Other Options for Your Neighborhood Sale

There are lots of ways to host a neighborhood sale that can bring everyone together while each household makes a little bit of money. Maybe the kids can do a lemonade stand; perhaps someone will be willing to host a short meeting sometime after the sale to talk about what worked, what did not work, and what could be done different the following year. This could also be done via email.
Whatever you choose, there are many benefits to a community coming together for an event such as this. With a little creativity and some teamwork, your neighborhood garage sale could become an annual event.