Some Quick Tips for Better Real Estate Photos

some quick tips for real estate photos


I’ll admit it. As agents and brokers we are guilty of having a chuckle at the sometimes horrible images some folks use to try and sell their homes. In most cases it is simply a case of the inexperienced agent. We have all been there and can (usually) look back at those experiences and chuckle at ourselves. Here are a few tips to help you avoid that experience hurdle and make your listing shine in the photos you take.


The first “tip” is really not a tip at all, it is just to take a million pictures and sort through them later. Today’s technology allows us to be very free with our photo taking and real estate is no different. Take 9 shots from a single spot trying different lighting, back-light, etc.. until you have enough that you’ll be able to get one that you love. Remember, photos cost nothing but can gain you everything. Shoot early and often! (the camera, that is!)


I mentioned lighting above and that is likely the “other” most critical piece of the puzzle. Turn on every light in the house and open every single curtain. While you may have to adjust a bit for back-lighting, etc., at least you have a good place to begin. It is not out of the ordinary to bring in additional light to the photo-shoot. I often utilize an inexpensive shop light to highlight a room’s features and ensure I am getting the best lighting for my shot.


Size DOES matter in photos so be sure you are working to capture 3 walls in the photo instead of one or two. This helps the room look far less cramped and gives a better perspective from the limited angle of the camera.
And since you TOOK all those pictures from the above photo shoot, publish them! Studies have shown that photos increase the sale price of a home and we all know that a listing with no photos gets almost no exposure. Give the buyers what they want. Variety is the spice of listings so show the entire house in your photos. Highlight the exterior, the closets, the basement, etc., anything that gives the buyers a clearer impression of the home.


The last tip for today is to focus on what is “in” the picture. First and foremost, remove the clutter. If you are in the bedroom, remove any stuffed animals, dirty laundry, toys, etc. that will distract the buyer from the contents of the photo. Right along those lines, make an effort to remove anything from the photo that is not going “with” the sale. If the beautiful nightstand or dresser are not part of the sale, try and angle the images so those pieces are not highlighted. Of course you can’t remove beds and other large furniture, but keeping that in your mind will help you frame the photos.

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