Saving Money on Your Move

Saving Money on Your Move

Moving into (or out of) your Fort Collins, CO home can be costly, time-consuming and down-right exhausting. While you don’t want to leave everything behind, there are a few strategies you can use to minimize the "stuff" you take with you and save yourself some cash.

In general, you don’t have to take it all. If there are pieces of furniture, appliances and other large items that really don’t serve any critical purpose, consider leaving them behind. While buying new "stuff" is certainly going to be more expensive, we’re really just talking about "tired" furniture and that spare fridge you have in the basement. This is a great time to cull the fat.

Unless the flat-screen hanging on your living room wall is less than a year or two old, consider leaving it right where it is. The technology is always improving and the costs are always coming down. Feel free to use this article to convince your significant other that this is the best time to get that 60" you've been saving for! Don’t forget to sweeten the deal with pizza and beer.

While none of us really enjoys moving, it IS possible to make the day a little more bearable and perhaps a little fun. The savings from not hiring a moving company are going to blow your socks off. Just moving a small apartment across town can cost up to $1,000 and more. That is a lot of pizza!

Get a few good friends together and tackle this yourself (bribing with beer and pizza does help). I strongly recommend that you have everything in boxes and marked BEFORE your friends arrive. Nobody wants to show up to help someone "move" when they are still in the "packing" stage. Minimizing what makes the cut and utilizing the help of friends can make the moving experience much more bearable and it can be one less thing you need to stress about.

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