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10 Weird and Unusual Homes From Around the World

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Not all homes take the traditional, expected forms of construction. When an architect decides to mix it up a bit, the result is funky, unique, and sometimes just plain weird.  Most of these are a far cry from the lovely Fort Collins CO homes we see around here. 1. The Mushroom House: Boasting a $729,000 price tag,… read more

3 Things to Think About When Buying a New Home

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There are a number of considerations that must be made by new homebuyers. The following reviews the top three things to think about when buying a new Loveland CO home: 1. Your Budget and Credit Score – Preferably, you need to be able to put 20 percent down on a home in order to get a mortgage… read more

The Basics of Home Equity

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If you have spent anytime filling out paperwork to buy a new Fort Collins CO home, you have no doubt heard the term “home equity.” But what exactly is it?  The equity in your home is the current appraised value minus the amount you owe on the home. As you pay off more debt owed… read more

Should You Buy a Log Home? 5 Things to Consider

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The log cabin has, for centuries, been a symbol of frontier life. Shows like Little House on the Prairie transported us right into the midst of one-room cabins where families would gather and problems were solved. But that was then. Log homes have come a long way from their beginnings in the 1600s, with their mud-packed design and… read more

Small Bedrooms? Make Them Look Bigger With These 6 Ideas

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No doubt the average American home has grown in size over the past several decades. No longer are we living in one-room homes with little space to share. We have a room for everything—living space, office space, craft space, recreation space, and guest space. Since the 1950s, the average single-family home in the U.S. has grown from… read more

Make The Most Out of Your Fort Collins, CO Remodeling

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If you’ve recently decided to put your Fort Collins, CO home in the market, it’s likely you are receiving a lot of contradictory advice regarding home improvements. On one side, a nice, newly-refurbished property will attract more buyers. However, home remodeling has a tendency to go over budget, and you want to ensure anything you… read more

Staying Safe at Home in the Summertime

Summer’s call sounds like barbeques, pool parties, and more time outside. All across the country, in cities and suburbs, in big towns and small, summer has arrived. You remember to apply sunscreen and bug spray, you buckle your seatbelt for road trips, and you wear a life jacket on the boat. But what about your Fort… read more

Real Estate Sales: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In a world where home sales happen every day, there are often mishaps and oversights affecting both the buyer and the seller. After all, any real estate transaction involves humans who are prone to mistakes and blunders. In the midst of buying or selling a Loveland CO home, we may only think of all that could go… read more