Real Estate in an Age of Technology

Loveland real estate technology

We are daily surrounded by technology, whether in the form of smartphones, tablets, laptops, or whatever the latest advance may be. When it comes to buying and selling Loveland CO real estate, we have waved goodbye to the days of scouring the Sunday newspaper as our sole method of listing or purchasing a property.

The advance of social media has opened to door to seemingly limitless opportunities to market your property and search around the world for a new place to call home, all without leaving the comfort of your couch. Read on for tips when it comes to real estate in an age of technology:

1. Facebook and Twitter: When you are ready to sell your home, social media can spread your listing like wildfire. As friends share and post and retweet, exposure increases with each click. You have the opportunity to not only reach potential buyers in your community, but across the nation and around the globe.

2. YouTube: Looking for tips on buying and selling real estate? Look here. Post your own virtual tour of your home for sale, search for homes to purchase, and see if a potential realtor has a bio available on the site.

3. Craigslist: The site makes it easy to look by location and is ideal for properties being sold by the owner. It goes without saying that you want to ensure you are following every precaution in order to avoid scams and stay safe. Adequate research and remaining proactive could make for a positive buying or selling experience.

4. LinkedIn: There seems to be opportunity after opportunity on this site, with everything from how to buy and sell in the Bahamas to a professional profile page for your real estate agent or a potential agent.

Tips for Using Technology Wisely

First, never jump into a transaction unaware. Never wire money or engage in cash transactions, do not give out personal information over the phone or via electronic means, and do not agree to anything sight unseen. The advice of a professional real estate agent is always a wise choice. If you decide to pursue the sale of a home, do not meet the seller on your own. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

Anything that has urgency to the process should be avoided — real estate transactions take time, both in buying and in selling. Anyone who is claiming to be an agent or broker should be able to provide references and credentials (depending on state requirements).
Do your research. Do not hesitate to ask questions, and double check all details before proceeding down any path of real estate business. No deal, whether in buying or selling, is worth losing money on due to a scam artist or unqualified novice claiming to be a real estate expert. Patience in the process will lead you to the best outcome and a smoother transaction on the journey.