More Quick Fixes for Home and Holidays

loveland co home clean

In our last article we focused on the kitchen and bathrooms. We want to de-clutter the whole Loveland home, but specifically the kitchen area. This needs to shine (literally and figuratively). Next, you should do a quick check of your light-bulbs. Since it is getting darker earlier now, showings could happen after 5pm. Buyers will likely check all the lights, just to ensure that everything is in working order. Having lights that function is also a great way to highlight certain areas of a room. While you are at it, turn the lights on. Don’t make the buyers (or your inlaws) have to fumble around a room to find the switch. Turning on all the lights in a house, just before the showing, shows you are ready for them and want to ensure they see the house in the best possible light (pun intended!).

Heading down an unpleasant road now, let’s focus on the unsightly items. Make sure your toilets are clean. People WILL use them and although it is not necessarily a “selling point”, it will make an impression. Go ahead and put out fresh towels in the bathrooms as well. The small hassle of throwing them in the laundry once everyone is gone is a small price to pay for the impression it will make. Lastly, regardless of the season, clean up after your pets. Make sure there are no “land-mines” left from your dog in the back yard and ensure that your cat’s litter box is spotless and odorless. Pets can be a huge turn-off for buyers, so showing the minimum amount of impact is going to serve you well.

On a quick, last walk-through check things like crooked pictures on the walls, un-fluffed pillows on the couch and even the presence of too many personal items. Remember, the buyers want to be able to see this house as their own. They will have a harder time doing that if you have filled every empty spot in the home (walls and flat surfaces alike) with pictures of you and your family. De-personalize a bit and the buyers will be far more comfortable seeing this house as their own.