How To Prepare For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning comes every year like clockwork and it’s often very stressful. Getting ready to clean can be just as important as the actual cleaning in order to calm your anxiety. Let’s look at some ways to prepare for spring cleaning in your Loveland CO home.

1. Make an Appointment To Start Cleaning
Write down a time when you are able to start getting your house clean. Make sure you know how long it will take you and what you need to do, as well as, all cleaning items you need to restock. If you like to take a lot of breaks, produce a list with small intervals and if you like to get everything done quicker, make a block of time available. This can help with your patience and preparedness with anxiety.

2. Get Your To-Do List Ready
Make sure you have everything you need to do this year written down and check it off as you go. You can put everything down if you are an organization nut or you can write down the things you want to do that aren’t the normal cleaning tasks. Split the tasks up as you go, so you know when each task is getting completed.

3. Make a Playlist To Listen To
If you need music, which usually helps the anxious or restless mind, make sure you have a playlist ready, It will distract you from the time and may help your mood if you have the right genres playing.

4. Get Your Favorite Supplies And Discounts
Get your supplies before you start so you don’t need to use your cleaning time to go to the store. If you made a list of what you need to restock it will be simple. Make sure you have enough for the whole cleaning season.

5. Begin The Decluttering Phase Of Cleaning
Decluttering is something you can start early, before the heavy cleaning starts. It can be time-consuming, so separating it from spring cleaning may help you be more efficient.

6. Make Sure You Get Your Expectations in Check
If you have kids, pets, or a busy schedule in general, spring cleaning won’t always go as planned. Be realistic and do the things you know will make your home cleaner. Don’t put all your eggs in shampooing all of the carpets when the next day the kids will have dirt sprung across it. Don’t stress yourself out.