Nerd Alert

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So you think you’re a smarty pants, eh? We’ll see about that. If you find yourself in the mood to sell your Loveland CO home, it might make some sense to consider the buyer you are attempting to entice. It turns out today’s buyers are more tech savvy than ever before. Of course we, as a nation, are more tech-focused in general. Discover Home Loans did a new poll of over 1,000 buyers and the results are worth considering.

Almost all of those surveyed, 92% in fact, said that technology saved them time in the home buying process. 76% said that modern technology has made them a smarter buyer and 69% said it gave them more confidence and satisfied with their final decision. The best statistic, for the buyers out there, is that almost half of the respondents said that technology saved them money.

We have known for a while that over 90% of folks start their home search online. The top three ways, from the above mentioned survey, that people use technology were to scan listings (83%), use maps to explore neighborhoods (72%) and the utilization of email, apps and websites for document submissions to lenders (71%). That last one alone is a massive time-saver.

It is important to note, and important to keep me from being beat up by or agents, that 83% of the surveyed people said they would still work with an agent to purchase the home. That said,74% said it was important for the agent to be tech savvy. So keep those webinars queued up!