Learning To Love Landscaping

When it comes to the yard at your Fort Collins CO home, you either love to work in it or you don’t. Some of us would much rather hire a professional to take care of all that mowing, mulching, and maintaining, while others look forward to weekends spent outside, hedge clippers in hand. No matter your preference for yard work, learning to love this part of your home can bring benefits you may have not even thought about.
According to a 2010 study, for every dollar homeowners invested in landscaping, there was an average 35% return on their investment. Though there are differing opinions among realtors and appraisers about the exact value to the sale of a home, the benefit is clear: you can make your yard work for you.

Aside from the initial benefits of adding beauty and value to your home, a properly maintained yard is helpful in these ways as well:

  • Lower heating and cooling costs: Shade can lower your need for the AC in the summer. Did you know that when your yard is tree shaded, summer daytime temperatures can lower by as much as 6 degrees? During those colder months, a windbreak can lower the wind chill near your home. Plant evergreen trees and shrubs to the north and northwest of your home and install a fence or wall to deflect wind. This could reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 40%.
  • Burn calories: All that raking, mowing, and weeding is not only for the benefit of your home; there are also plusses for your physical health. The total amount burned depends on your current weight, but expect to shed about 150-165 calories per 30 minutes. Bonus!
  • Improve the environment: Bushes and trees can help to reduce air pollution as they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. When your lawn is healthy, it takes in rainwater, while the root system filters the water of chemicals before it reaches the groundwater. Unique wildlife are drawn to certain plants, making your yard part of nature’s wonderland.
  • Make your home visually appealing: Have you ever driven through a neighborhood and noticed “that house”? You know the one – no trees (or dead trees), brown grass, no flowers. In the midst of other beautiful foliage, this one stands out because of its lack of appeal. Don’t be that house. Even if you are not ready to sell your home now, you may be ready one day. Until that time comes, you want to enjoy the outside as an extension of your home, not be the eyesore of the subdivision.

Your landscaping plans may begin with planting simple shrubs or flowers in front of your home, or you may be looking toward a bigger project such as a walkway, new trees, or a backyard patio. Whether you throw on those gardening gloves and do it yourself, or you look around to hire a professional, the positive benefits to your property are endless. Is your yard serving you well?