Keep The Creepy Crawlies Away this Winter

Keep The Creepy Crawlies Away this Winter


Depending on the age of your home and the “weather-proof-ness” of it. (Yes, I just made that word up!) you may need to be aware and active about the critters that are trying to make your house their home this winter. The truth is, many animals, including mice and lots of insects, seek out warmer place to settle in for the winter. I promise you that the walls in your home are far more cozy than that tree in the back yard.


You can take a few simple steps to avoid these little guys though. The main point of the first one is to keep plant-life away from the house. While Colorado has the gorgeous “Blue‑Mat Penstemon”, you don’t necessarily want it growing up the walls of your home. The attractive and quaint look is far-outweighed by the passageway it provides to ants and other bugs to get straight into any cracks in your walls, windows and doors. The same is true for any bushes and shrubs next to the house, keep them at least 18″ away to mitigate this risk.


Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and really get up close and personal with your walls. Specifically, keep an eye down low so you begin to think like a small critter. Mice can get into a hole the size of a dime and larger holes invite larger beasts. The solution is as simple as patching those holes and ensuring the animals (and cold air) stay outside where they belong.


If the “enemy” has breached the perimeter, all is not lost. A quick trip to the hardware store, and a conversation with an educated employee, can get you pointed in the right direction. Traps and pesticides can be very effective and efficient in remedying this issue and ensure you can enjoy this winter with only the company that you invited. (Of course, traps and pesticides may not work on THOSE guests!)

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