How Smart Should Your Home Be?

How Smart Should Your Home Be?


Today’s home buyers are more savvy and more educated about what they want. With the ability to scour the web for every listing available, buyers will arrive at your front door already knowing a ton about your home and its features. With the increase in “smart-home” technology, which of these fancy “gadgets” should you be focusing on?


Lowe’s 2017 Smart Home Survey, a survey of about 2,000 adults, provides some good insights. About 70% of those surveyed indicated that they would like the ability to control some facet of their home’s technology with a mobile device. And we’re not talking about super-fancy Iron-Man technology either. Most wanted to be bale to adjust the thermostat, turn on (or off) lights or fire up the coffee pot before they get out of bed. All three of those would be fantastic (if you asked me!).

But convenience was not the only driver in the smart home quest. 40% of respondents said they believed the technology would help them save money on utilities and 62% said it would help with monitoring safety and security. No question “nanny-cams” are making a big splash right now, but simple motion-sensing lights have also been a hot item for years. A good friend of mine, who lives back in the woods a fair bit, installed cameras in his home after it was broken into last year. Now he is alerted if there is an intruder and he can use the camera records to help police get the bad guys.

Home technology is going to continue to evolve. My brother has a single button on his remote control that turns on the blue-ray player, dims the lights and closes the curtains. (yeah, he’s spoiled!). Keep an eye out for these technology solutions. Prices will start to fall and it will become affordable for us all just like most technology items.

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