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I don’t know about you, but I have a laptop, road bike and maybe even a new truck on my Santa list this year. Of course my expectations are not high for any of those items. There’s a really good chance I’ll get some socks though! And yes, I’ll be grateful for anything that arrives under the tree! When it comes to Loveland CO homeownership though, the wish list looks a little different. The Demand Institute recently polled more than 10,000 households — both renters and home owners — across income levels to find their top unfulfilled housing needs and desires. The results were not all that surprising.

65% of those polled noted energy efficiency as something they were not satisfied with in their current home. Spending on electricity has jumped 56% since 2000. That means we’re all spending more of our budgets on the power bill instead of savings or other preferred areas. Smart thermostats, high efficiency appliances and the use of energy-use monitors can all aid in the efficiency (and savings) of your home.

Upgrades were also at the top of the list. The top 5 projects that these homeowners would like to tackle were painting; replacing carpet/flooring; remodeling a bathroom; remodeling a kitchen; and replacing windows and doors. If you have any of these items on your to-do list and are considering selling your home, it makes good sense to tackle these before you list. The other consideration is to price your home accordingly, knowing that the buyers will most likely want to upgrade these areas.

The other hot topic on this list was storage. No real surprise here. While 55% of these folks noted storage as an important item in their home only 35% were satisfied with their current space. Putting on an addition or finishing a basement are huge undertakings that might not actually pay off in the end. I think a safer first step could be to review the existing space you have and determine if you can make better us of it. Optimizing wasted spaces in a home is a great idea to not only make the space you have more useful, it can make the home more attractive (and maybe more valuable!)

While all of these items are legitimate it seems to me this can also be a “hit list” for those in the market to sell their Loveland CO home! Why not review the list of things that lots of Americans wish they had in their home and make that a “to-do” list for your own home. You have the blue-print for what folks are looking for. Why not make the most of it!

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