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Setting A Price

new home

  How to determine the sales price of your home   Even though Colorado is a seller’s market, it’s important to be careful when selling your home. Making sure to price your home accurately is a great way to get people’s attention. More importantly, it will draw people who are ready and able to buy… read more

Credit Score

Credit Report

Get your credit score ready to buy a home In a seller’s market like Colorado, you need to have the right credit score in order to be able to buy a house. Figuring out what that score is, and how to improve the score you already have, is an important part of home buying. If… read more

Simple Holiday Open House Decoration Ideas

Holiday Decorations

Are you trying to sell your home during the holidays? This is not an impossible task and actually gives you a chance to showcase your home in a clean, simple manner. Open houses are a great way for potential buyers to come and imagine themselves living in your home. You are trying to make it… read more

Home Selling Considerations

family home

Are you ready to sell your home? There are many decisions to be made when thinking about selling. Have you raised a family and are your children grown and moved? Do you need to relocate somewhere else in the state, country, or world? Do you want something different? What has changed in your life to… read more

Prepare a Home for the Winter Months in 5 Easy Steps


Winter is a beautiful season of crisp air and a blanket of snow, offering the opportunity for many days on the slope or in front of the fire. While the winter months are often pretty outside, there are some things that homeowners can do to prepare a home for the winter months. How to Prepare… read more

Tips to make home buying easier

Tips to make home buying easier

  It can be tough to be a buyer in Colorado’s housing market, with high home prices and a limited enough market that even fixer-uppers can snag a ton of offers. Still, that’s no reason to be discouraged if you prepare in advance and find the right realtor to help you with the experience. If… read more

Finding the right home appraiser for you

Finding the right home appraiser

  Colorado’s booming housing market means that it can home appraisers often have jam-packed schedules. That often means increased wait times for clients, and the need to schedule appointments in advance of when they’ll actually be needed. Making sure you schedule that appointment with the right appraiser can save you time in the long run… read more

How to Pack Smart When It’s Time to Move

How to Pack Smart When It’s Time to Move

  The process of moving can seem daunting, and there are many details to consider during a transition. With so much to think about, there are some ways to add efficiency and speed to packing, whether you have to move a single room or a whole house.   Before you begin, take stock of how… read more

Determine The Listing Price

Determine The Listing Price

  When it comes to buying a home, most potential buyers will use the listing price to as the number one factor to determine the homes that they look at. Even though you and a realtor may determine the asking price, the buyer will determine the selling price. If the price is too high, most… read more

Marketing Materials You Must Have to Sell Your Home

Marketing Materials You Must Have to Sell Your Home

  People have the attention span of a gnat, a fact that is true for homebuyers as well. To overcome this, you must have marketing materials to give them when they view your home.   Marketing Materials You Must Have to Sell Your Home   Buying a property involves a lot of looking, which can… read more