Home Improvement

Avoidable Add-Ons

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While not necessarily the best time for home-improvement projects, winter can be a good time to update the INSIDE of your Fort Collins CO home and not have to deal with the outside elements. That said, there are some projects that we’d like to steer you away from in order to maintain the value in… read more

Dodging Drafty Doors

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I have lived in my share of drafty homes in my life. I have gone through the trouble of putting that “air-tight” plastic on the inside of the windows (that you use a hairdryer with) and even, in a really crappy cabin, put plastic on the outside of the home to double-barrier the windows. That… read more

Quick Fixes to Sell Your Home

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I understand. The holidays are coming. Relatives are coming. Nobody has time to make huge changes to their home at this point in the year. The fact is, very few of us have the resources (time, money, time, energy…time!) to make big adjustments or improvements to your Fort Collins CO house before company arrives OR,… read more

Staying Safe at Home in the Summertime

Summer’s call sounds like barbeques, pool parties, and more time outside. All across the country, in cities and suburbs, in big towns and small, summer has arrived. You remember to apply sunscreen and bug spray, you buckle your seatbelt for road trips, and you wear a life jacket on the boat. But what about your Fort… read more

How To Prepare For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning comes every year like clockwork and it’s often very stressful. Getting ready to clean can be just as important as the actual cleaning in order to calm your anxiety. Let’s look at some ways to prepare for spring cleaning in your Loveland CO home. 1. Make an Appointment To Start Cleaning Write down… read more

How Air Purifiers Can Help in Your Home

Although there are still a majority of outdoorsy types among us, this time of year tends to see many folks stuck in their Fort Collins CO homes for weeks on end. In fact ,most United States residents spend up to 90% of our time indoors. The US Environmental Protection Agency says that exposure to indoor… read more

Carpet Cleaning Conundrum

Regular cleaning can extend the life of your carpets. Carpet cleaning makes your carpets look great and also improves the quality of the indoor air in your Loveland CO home. Contaminants found in carpets · Carpets tend to absorb volatile organic chemicals from other sources and release them later. Your carpet absorbs these chemicals from… read more

So You Want to Grow a Garden?

Growing fresh veggies is great for your health and well-being dietarily, but it also benefits you in other ways. Here are some tips on how it can help you and how to get started on your own Fort Collins CO home garden! Benefits of growing your own food Besides the fact that organically grown veggies… read more

The Benefits of Organically Maintaining Your Lawn

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Lawns appear to have originated in Europe where the mild, moist climate of Europe allowed open grasslands that were close-cut to develop. In Middle English the word launde originally meant an open area in the woods, but later came to mean artificially created stretches of land that were like glades. The earliest lawns surrounded castles,… read more