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Simple Holiday Open House Decoration Ideas

Holiday Decorations

Are you trying to sell your home during the holidays? This is not an impossible task and actually gives you a chance to showcase your home in a clean, simple manner. Open houses are a great way for potential buyers to come and imagine themselves living in your home. You are trying to make it… read more

Pet Owner Cleaning Tips

Dog on Couch

  Do you have animals in your home? Are you an owner of dogs, cats, birds, or other types of exotic animals? One of the best feelings of owning your own home is being able to have any type of animal you want without having to confer with a landlord or pay a pet deposit.… read more

Time to Change


It is starting to get cold and is getting dark earlier. We just recently changed the clocks back and it’s time to admit that the season has now changed and that summer is now being put to bed. Holiday decorations can start making their way out of the closet, garage, or attic, and summer furniture… read more

Leaf, Leaves, Leave!

Fall CO

  One of the most enjoyably scenes of fall is the changing colors of the leaves. New England has fantastic colors but we here in Colorado have the iconic yellow Aspen. Regardless of what type of leaf and the colors they are turning (enjoy it as long as you can), you have to choose a… read more

3 Tricks for Home Selling in Winter

snow home

During winter, the real estate market tends to slow down in most parts of the country. This is especially true for places where the sun hides his face and the dreary cold months seem to drag on.   However, there are ways to make your home seem more appealing to get it sold more quickly,… read more

Do Solar Panels Increase My Home’s Value?

Do Solar Panels Increase My Home’s Value

  You have seen the advertisements all over town.   You know the ones where solar panel companies claim that adding panels increases your home’s value?   While this is true, somewhat, it is important to understand how the “value” factor works with eco-friendly upgrades.   It is all about balancing the return on your… read more

Mold: Something to Watch For

Mold: Something to Watch For

  These days everyone is paying more attention to their health. So the question is: why not take the same care in selecting your living area? There are all kinds of health concerns in the home, some are easy to deal with, some are not so simple. One of the more controversial health hazards in… read more

Sellers: Go Green and Add More Value to Your CO Home

Go Green and Add More Value to Your CO Home

  Buyers today are eco-conscious.   They want a home that is energy-efficient, boasting the latest windows, insulation, HVAC systems, and just about every Energy-Star appliance possible.   When you update your CO home to be more energy efficient, you are adding value to your home. According to Energy.gov, some homeowners saw an average of… read more