Buyers Checklist for Buying a House

When the Fort Collins CO home agent is showing you property after property, it is easy to pay attention only to the style of the house and whether your furniture will fit inside it. But as a savvy buyer, you also need to pay attention to many details of any house you are considering buying.
Little things that can give you information about the house’s condition, and whether the house is all you want it to be

Without getting into the psychic realm, the energy in a house is a palpable part of a house viewing, and not to be discounted. Many homes have an excess of positive ions in the due to poor ventilation. Positive ions are carbon dioxide molecules that have lost an electron.
Studies have shown that they have a negative effect on your health, particularly your lungs and respiratory tract. They also can make you feel tired, tense, anxious and irritable.

In our well-sealed homes, once positive ions are generated, there is no way for them to escape. Hand-held hair dryers are one of the strongest positive ion generators. Other positive ion generators in our homes include:
·      Fluorescent lighting
·      Televisions
·      Clothes dryers
·      Fibers in carpets
·      Fibers from curtains and upholstered furniture

After you have spent a little bit of time in a prospective home, you will be able to feel an overload of positive ions. It will initially begin as a feeling of discomfort that you may dismiss as not being related to viewing the house. If you say there, you will soon feel tired, and maybe tense and irritable.
While this may be the perfect house for you, if it is filled with positive ions, it needs better ventilation

When was the roof installed? If parts of it are sagging a little, you will find you will soon have to do an expensive replacement.

The best time to view a house is when the neighbors are home. That way you can find out if the house has sufficient sound-proofing.
You can also get an idea of how loud and boisterous your neighbors and their children might be. If you like quiet and you can hear the neighbor’s television, this is probably not the house for you.

4.Plumbing and Mold

Don’t just look at the sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. Look underneath them and check for leaky pipes, water damage and mold. If there is a basement, check the pipes down there and also sniff around for mold.

You will be able to smell the mold when you first enter the home, but not for very long after that as mold deadens the receptors in your nose so you cannot smell it after you have been around it for a while. Other investigations you need to do are:
·      Run the faucets to check the water pressure.
·      Check to see if the pipes are insulated.
·      Make sure there are no lead pipes.
·      Check on how old the water heater is.

5.Beyond the furniture

Look beyond that furniture that is artfully arranged and staged to enhance the look of the rooms.
·      Are there enough electrical outlets and phone jacks in each room?
·      Is the fuse box new?
·      Is the attic or basement easy to access?
·      Are the walls structurally sound?
·      Are the exterior window frames cracked or stained?
·      Do the doors close properly?

Having a checklist helps you avoid costly repairs, and it also helps you find the house that is just right for you. Your C3 agent can be of invaluable help to you with your checklist.