fort collins co home equity

Top Loan Terms You Need to Know  Dec 08, 2017

Everyone knows that you should never sign on the dotted line without reading the contract. This same idea applies to Fort Collins CO real estate loans. Signing a loan without knowing the terms and what everything

fort collins real estate budget

Building A Better Budget  Dec 07, 2017

Why Should I Make a Budget? You say you know where your money goes and you don’t need it all written down to keep up with it? I issue you this challenge. Keep track of every penny you spend for one month and I do mean every penny. You will be shocked at what the itty-bitty expenses add up t

fort collins real estate credit

Capture Your Credit Score  Dec 06, 2017

Your credit history is a very important document that creditors, certain companies and certain landlords will take a look in order to determine your financial “strength”. For banks and credit card companies, they look at your credit history in order for them to determine if you are a

loveland co real estate prepare

10 Ways to Make Sure You Fail When Buying Loveland CO real estate  Dec 05, 2017

Buying Loveland CO real estate is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your adult life. So many steps are involved, and it can seem daunting to even understand where to begin. With so much work and effort t

fort collins co real estate home pool

Things to Consider Before You Get a House with a Pool  Dec 04, 2017

It seems like the stuff of dreams (especially now, with winter approaching!): owning a house with your very own pool! You can already imagine lazy summers floating in the middle of a mini oasis of blue. You can already smell the chlorine and hear the laughter of your children as they splash throu

Learning To Love Landscaping  Dec 03, 2017

When it comes to the yard at your Fort Collins CO home, you either love to work in it or you don’t. Some of us would much rather hire a professional to take care of all that mowing, mulching, and maintaining, w

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