Finding the right home appraiser

Finding the right home appraiser for you  Aug 30, 2018

Colorado’s booming housing market means that it can home appraisers often have jam-packed schedules. That often means increased wait times for clients, and the need to schedule appointments in advance of when they’ll actually be needed. Making sure you schedule that appointment w

Why you need a realtor

Why you need a realtor  Aug 23, 2018

It can be tempting to do things yourself, but selling your home is one thing best left to the hands of professionals. Especially in a housing market like Colorado’s, a realtor can help guide you th

Renting vs Buying in Co

Doing the Math: Renting vs. Buying in Co  Aug 16, 2018

Most consumers choose to rent because they assume that is where the real savings are.

However, when you crunch the numbers, especially in the long-term, renting vs. buying in CO come up with vastly different results.

If you have been renting an

Do Solar Panels Increase My Home’s Value

Do Solar Panels Increase My Home’s Value?  Aug 09, 2018

You have seen the advertisements all over town.

You know the ones where solar panel companies claim that adding panels increases your home’s value?

While th

How to Pack Smart When It’s Time to Move

How to Pack Smart When It’s Time to Move  Aug 02, 2018

The process of moving can seem daunting, and there are many details to consider during a transition. With so much to think about, there are some ways to add efficiency and speed to packing, whether you have to move a single room or a

5 Gross Things That Happen When You Do Not Change Your Air Filter  Jul 26, 2018

Your home is equipped with a furnace to keep you toasty during those cold Colorado winters. However, there are components of your home’s heating and cooling systems that must be maintained if you want to get maximum efficiency. Most of us are guilty of ignoring the air filter in ou

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