Staying Safe at Home in the Summertime  Apr 26, 2017

Summer’s call sounds like barbeques, pool parties, and more time outside. All across the country, in cities and suburbs, in big towns and small, summer has arrived. You remember to apply sunscreen and bug spray, you buckle your seatbelt for road trips, and you wear a life jacket on the boat. Bu

Real Estate Sales: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  Apr 19, 2017

In a world where home sales happen every day, there are often mishaps and oversights affecting both the buyer and the seller. After all, any real estate transaction involves humans who are prone to mistakes and blunders. In the midst of buying or selling a

5 Selling Points Sellers Forget to Mention When Selling Their Home  Apr 12, 2017

You have lived in your Loveland CO home for a few years at least, and you have gotten used to all its amenities. In fact, you have gotten so used to them that you have forgotten about several

Buyers Checklist for Buying a House  Apr 05, 2017

When the Fort Collins CO home agent is showing you property after property, it is easy to pay attention only to the style of the house and whether your furniture will fit inside it. But as a

7 Tips on Buying Commercial Real Estate  Mar 29, 2017

Fort Collins CO Commercial property is valued in a different manner than residential property. It is valued according to its usable square footage. Loans on commercial properties are

Getting the Best Homeowners Insurance  Mar 27, 2017

Getting ready to buy a Fort Collins CO home? It is important to shop for homeowners insurance and find an insurance agent who can have your policy ready to take to your lender. When

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