urban condo

Condo Questions  Jan 03, 2019

Questions to ask when buying a condo
In a housing market as tough as Colorado’s, sometimes buying a condo is easier than buying a house<


Feelings  Dec 27, 2018

Feeling your way to the right house
With housing demand as high as it is in Colorado, it’s important not to waste time deciding whether to offer on a house. Research is a factor, but emotions are also key in deciding whether a house is right for

check list

Little Things  Dec 20, 2018

Little things to remember while moving
With a real estate market as active and exciting as it is in Colorado, it’s easy to forget the little t

new home

Setting A Price  Dec 13, 2018

How to determine the sales price of your home
Even though Colorado is a seller’s market, it’s important to be careful when selling you

Credit Report

Credit Score  Dec 06, 2018

Get your credit score ready to buy a home

In a seller’s market like Colorado, you need to have the right credit score in order to be able to buy a house. Fig

Holiday Decorations

Simple Holiday Open House Decoration Ideas  Nov 29, 2018

Are you trying to sell your home during the holidays? This is not an impossible task and actually gives you a chance to showcase your home in a clean, simple manner. Open houses are a

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