Avoidable Add-Ons

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While not necessarily the best time for home-improvement projects, winter can be a good time to update the INSIDE of your Fort Collins CO home and not have to deal with the outside elements. That said, there are some projects that we’d like to steer you away from in order to maintain the value in your investment. The truth is there are many projects that homeowners tackle in hopes of improving the value of their home and making it more attractive to buyers. Unfortunately, many of these end up costing the homeowners in the end.

First of all, don’t skip out on the smaller details. If you go through the trouble to paint a room and replace the carpets with hardwood floors, take the extra steps to remove those nasty popcorn ceilings and outdated fixtures. Yes, this means the light switches as well. If you are going to take the time and spend the money to update a room or an area of the home, see the project all the way through. The buyers will appreciate the effort.

Be careful about how you plan to re-purpose a room. Go ahead and move walls if you need to, but don’t destroy the functionality of the adjacent room while you’re at it. If you are in the mind-set of selling, try to imagine what “most” people would be looking for in a new home and adjust your plans accordingly. A quick chat with your local real estate professional can help you with this.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you don’t have the skill, experience or available resources to complete an addition or remodeling project, hire a professional. In your mind, you envision a beautiful sun room full of glass and sunlight. The cat is blissfully sleeping on a pillow and your wife is soaking up the winter sun while reading her favorite book. Snap back to reality and the roof is leaking, the windows are drafty and the floor is freezing cold. Putting an addition on a home is a serious project and the results are tied directly to the skill of the person in charge. Know when to say when.a

Lastly, don’t be too quick to add what you consider to be “luxury” items with hopes of attracting buyers and getting a return on your investment. Swimming pools, saunas, fountains and lush landscaping are all great items to have in a home assuming you are willing to put in the time (and money) to keep them maintained. Add these items to the home if you intend to stay put and enjoy them for yourself and your family. Don’t make the assumption that buyers will appreciate the same “luxury” (or headache!).

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