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New Construction Upgrades

The new housing market is on the rise in Colorado. It is a great time to do a new home build if that is something you have always wanted to do. Having the choice to buy a house or build a house is something to consider. Most people have at one time or another played…

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Why I like my HOA

I recently had a conversation with a buddy of mine who lives out east. He was complaining of a neighbor of his using an ATV. We grew up together using recreational machines and having fun on ATV’s so at first I wasn’t certain why he was complaining, until he told me more. My buddy lives…

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Visual Research

Most people have the luxury in this day and age to not have to buy or rent a home site unseen. With the availability of technology and the explosion of social media, being able to do visual research on a particular area has become more readily available. There are many different ways of finding out…

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Tornado Preparedness

A couple of years ago was my first trip to Colorado. I had flown into Denver airport. I was so excited to be visiting a place I had always wanted to see. I was excited for the mountains and being a mile high, and seeing the legendary Colorado blue sky. What I wasn’t prepared for…

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Simple Ways to Look Bigger

small house

The phrase, “Simple Ways to Look Bigger” may seem to not apply in the mainstream right now as it’s almost summer and people are trying to ramp of their summer bodies. But when you are in the real estate market and are looking to sell your home, trying to make your house look bigger than…

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Competitive Market Home Buying Strategies

Let’s just come out and say it, “Stop snowing! It’s May and I’m ready for sunshine!” Alright, now that we have gotten the obvious elephant off our chests. But seriously, I can’t believe it is snowing, again, in Fort Collins. It’s a joke to say the S-word, but now it’s getting ridiculous. Does mother nature…

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Commercial Real Estate Investing

commercial real estate

Commercial Real Estate Investing There is a growing movement for financial independence and reaching a neutral cash flow quicker than any generation before. One of the most lucrative avenues for being cash neutral and earning passive income is buying investment properties. This could mean buying commercial real estate or buying a home that is a…

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The Benefits of Rain

rainy home

The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers!” Though after the long winter we all just want some sunshine. We want to warm our bones and refresh our souls. Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. The flowers and trees are blooming, birds are singing, and the bugs are starting to buzz. It’s…

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Moving Your Roots


I’m enjoying a bit of play on words here while I write, Moving Your Roots. People already synonymously associate buying a new home with uprooting. Other plant related words can be transplant, when you aren’t from around here, or rooted, meaning you have never left your home area. If you haven’t guessed it already, today’s…

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How Long is the Drive?

driving time

I recently visited friends in Colorado and traveled between Denver, Boulder and the Fort Collins area. I also did a jaunt over to Winter Park but that is a story for another day. What I learned is that distance and travel time in Colorado is somewhat deceiving. For those thinking of buying a home along…

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