Add A Garage – Sell Your Home

Add A Garage Sell Your Home


OK, I’ll be honest. The title is a smidge mis-leading. You won’t immediately sell your home if you add (or already have) a garage. What I’d like to expound on a bit are the advantages (and some suggestions) for selling a home with a garage (detached or not).

There is always a debate about buying a new home or remodeling the one you have. Along with that debate is the decision to remodel the home you have in order to command a higher sales price. Obviously the trick is to invest less than your return so you are not just remodeling for the sole benefit of the buyers. One of these areas is the garage.

It is important to know your market and your target buyers for this sort of project. If a garage is important to your target audience, don’t hold back. Make sure it is in fantastic shape and consider adding electricity and/or running water if it is detached. Anything to make that space more appealing will likely pay off.

If you are considering building a garage, it is important to check your zoning laws and by-laws if you are in an HOA. Even if you can’t get an occupancy permit, you can still create the space as a studio, workshop or even a home-based office. There are loads of options when it comes to this space and your creativity can solve a lot of issues with regards to local laws. This goes for utilizing the space in the best way possible as well. If you can’t go “out”, can you go “up”? Can you convert a single-car garage into a garage with a loft. Could the space be used for a home gym? A greenhouse? A hot-tub room? (that has my vote!). Get creative, but not crazy. Remember that the goal here, for this article anyway, is to sell the home.

A garage is one of my favorite areas of the home. There are lots of people like me out there and lots of those people are looking to buy a house this fall. Get your garage in tip-top shape and make the most of the space you have.

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