5 Selling Points Sellers Forget to Mention When Selling Their Home

You have lived in your Loveland CO home for a few years at least, and you have gotten used to all its amenities. In fact, you have gotten so used to them that you have forgotten about several of the ones that would be very attractive to home buyers.
Features to include when listing your home for sale

1. Storage

Many homes have large closets and wonderful storage areas, especially newer homes built in the 80’s, 90’s and up. Some homes have attic storage, and even Cape style homes have rafter storage. Many homes have wall-to-wall cabinets in the kitchen, a pantry, and utility room storage space also.
If you have added organizers in any storage spaces like your pantry, closets, and garage that convey with the home, be sure to mention them.
Storage space is very important for home buyers. They need to know that what they bring with them will fit in your home. For first time home buyers, this is especially important, as they are likely moving from an apartment to a home and need to know there is a place for everything they bring with them. Storage is also important for seniors who are downsizing.

2. Green features

Today’s homebuyers are more interested than ever in green features in a home. Beyond being budget friendly, energy efficient heating and cooling systems are and exciting feature in a home. Some things to mention include:
·      Showers that use less water
·      Hot water heaters in an arrangement with the power company whereby they turn off the water heater at peak times and in exchange will replace the water heater free of charge
·      A new High-Efficiency washer that uses less water and detergent
·      A tankless water heater
·      A graywater system that can be used for toilet flushing
·      Thermal paned windows
·      New insulation
·      Backyard compost bin
·      In-home recycling center.

3. Senior-friendly features

Seniors who are downsizing are usually looking for a home where they can live out their lives without having to move into a senior community. Things that appeal to them include:
·      Level entryways with no steps to the front door
·      Single-story homes with no stairs
·      Landscaping that is easy to maintain’
·      Walk-in showers
·      Easy access to the backyard
·      Excellent storage space

4. Proximity

If your home is within walking distance to subways, train stations, or other mass transit modes of travel be sure to mention it. Nearness to schools, churches, restaurants, parks, and other attractions is also important to note.
If your home is in the countryside, highlight how close it is to shopping centers, recreation, and grocery stores, but also mention fresh air, healthy water, and a peaceful, natural environment.

5. Chemical free and natural housekeeping

Nowadays many buyer are interested to know if a home has been maintained without the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning. They
are pleased when you use paints with no VOC’s to spruce up the house before listing it. You definitely want to let them know about a hypoallergenic HVAC system.
Your home is a treasure. Be sure you let prospective buyers know all the facets of this gem you are selling.